The Multivitamin Question

Is There a Natural “Multivitamin” That I can Take Daily?

Patients often ask us about multivitamins, or a single supplement that they can take daily that will supply their body with all its necessary vitamin and nutrient needs.  So-called multivitamins are ever-present on grocery store and pharmacy shelves, and it can be difficult to distinguish between them. Many of these products are of uncertain quality, and the vitamins and nutrients that they claim to provide cannot be properly and efficiently absorbed by the body.  Much of the supposed benefits of these products ends up passing through the body unabsorbed and leaving the body through the urine. In reality, the simple “one-a-day” multivitamin solution has often proven to be a relatively ineffective way of supporting healthy body function. At our office we provide only the highest quality natural food supplements, all of which contain the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their most readily absorbed and effectively utilized forms. In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, the following supplement regimen can provide an excellent daily support system for optimum functionality.

Whole Body Support Program

                     -- 6 Catalyn (2-2-2)*

                     -- 3 Trace Minerals B12 (1-1-1)*

                     -- 4 Tuna Omega 3's (1-2-1)*

* The numbers in parentheses represent the suggested daily intake of each supplement. For example: 1-1-1 indicates 1 supplement with your morning meal, one with your afternoon meal, and one more with your evening meal.         

The combination of these high quality supplements will provide your body with a highly efficient support system that is far superior to any multivitamin or “one-a-day” product you will find on grocery store shelves. Other supplements may be added for additional support, such as:

                        For Immune Support add: 6 Immuplex

                        For Adrenal Support add: 6 Drenamin

All of these supplements are available in our office and can be ordered as needed. These supplements are not available in supermarkets or pharmacies, and can only be obtained through physician's offices. For specific individual needs, we can provide a personalized additional supplement program tailored to your individual needs.