Standard Process Supplements

Standard Process has created several excellent food supplements to help strengthen and support the body's immune system defense against allergens. Here are a few supplements that may be of particular use during allergy season:

     Allerplex: helps to strengthen and support the immune system in response to seasonal, environmental and dietary stressors

     Cal-Amo: helps to maintain proper pH balance, which enhances respiratory function and supports immune system efficiency

     Fen-Gre: supports healthy levels of mucus in the lungs and bronchial tubes, and aids the respiratory system in expelling excess mucus

     Antronex: helps to support healthy liver function, which maintains the natural histamine function (this can be particularly helpful in reducing the outward symptoms of histamine reaction)

     Drenamin: helps the body maintain its natural anti-inflammatory response function, which is important in the body's defense against all external irritants

For more information on Standard Process seasonal allergy products, go to: ttps://

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