Portable Wobble Seat

Those of you who are regular patients at our practice are already aware of the importance of the wobble seat exercises for spinal maintenance and health. We have several stationary wobble seats permanently set up in the exercise room of our office, where patients can perform their warm-up and cool down exercises before and after their adjustment, as well as exercises for general maintenance. The full size wobble seat, of course, provides the most stable platform for all of these exercises, and is available for sale at our office. However, we also realize that the full wobble seat can be a bit cumbersome and difficult to transport to different areas of the home, or to take with you when traveling away from home. For this reason, Dr. Bacon designed the portable wobble seat, a revolutionary device that allows you to perform all of your wobble seat exercises almost anywhere, with a device that is easily transportable and easy to store. The portable wobble seat can be placed on any stable, flat surface that can support your body weight. Simply place the portable wobble seat on a hard chair, bench, sturdy coffee table or any number of other surfaces with enough space to perform your exercises. With the portable wobble seat you are able to perform your exercises almost anywhere, and the portable wobble seat is small and light enough to take with you outside of the home. The portable wobble seat gives you the ability to perform all of the same wobble seat exercises that you do in our office at a fraction of the cost of the full size wobble seat, all with the convenience of a lightweight, portable package for easy transport and storage. The portable wobble seat is one of the most important purchases that you cam make for the health of your spine and nervous system. Ask a staff member how to purchase yours today!


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