Dynamic Neck Traction

 After years of design research and hands-on testing, Dr. Bacon  has dramatically improved the design of the neck traction device. The result is the new dynamic neck traction device, which combines improved structural integrity and durability with the most ergonomically efficient design for neck traction exercise. The amazingly strong springs used in the device mount allow the device to flex and "bounce" while you are performing your exercises. This action gives you the most powerful and complete benefit possible in your neck traction exercises.

The device pictured above is mounted permanently on the wall of the exercise room here in our office, but Dr. Bacon has also designed this device with a convenient door mount for easy and convenient home use.

Simply hook the metal mount over the door frame and then hook the springs into the hole at the bottom of the metal mount. Once the door mount is secured in place you can close the door and perform the same quality dynamic traction exercises that you can do in our office in the comfort of your own home. With this tool you can perform your neck traction exercises more frequently and thoroughly, which will enhance your spinal adjustments, expedite your spinal rehabilitation, and most importantly, MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER! This device is one of the most important items that you will ever find for the lifelong health of your spine

Here you can see this revolutionary device mounted on a door in our office. The Dynamic Neck Traction Device is designed by Dr. Bacon and available for sale at our office. Order yours today