Fulcrum Sets

The fulcrums are an essential part of spinal rehabilitation.  They provide support for your lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) regions while performing rehab exercises on them. The exercises are targeted to retrain the muscles and ligaments of the spinal system to function in a more optimal position.  This restores function to the entire spinal system, training your body to work better in gravity, keeping you out of pain!

New Improved design

Dr. Bacon has recently redesigned the standard fulcrum set utilizing advanced new materials and innovative design elements for increased performance and functionality. These newly redesigned fulcrums will provide you with dramatically improved results from your exercises. Here are just a few of the new features:


The new fulcrums are built with a firmer, more rigid foam material than previous models, which makes them more durable and effective at maintaining your spine in the exact correct position while performing your exercises. It may take a little time for you to adjust to this increased firmness, but it makes your spinal rehabilitation work faster and far more effectively.


Here is a closer view of the cervical (neck) fulcrum, with its rigid support enclosure for the neck and advanced 2-piece construction which provides a stable base and correct angles, with virtually no bending or bunching of the material


Here is a closer look at the lumbar fulcrum, which is also very firm, with a tubular foam core near the top.


Both fulcrums in the set are enhanced with a newly designed non-stick bottom pad, to eliminate slippage and keep your position stable on nearly any surface.


These new fulcrums are at the cutting edge of research and design experimentation, and are by far the most advanced product of this type on the market. They are available for sale at our office.

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