Detoxification Program

How often do you clean out your house?  How often do you clean out your car?  How often do you clean out your body? 

Most of the time, we take better care of our possessions than we take care of ourselves.  With all the processed foods and fertilizers/chemicals on the foods that we eat, our bodies can be overloaded with toxins.  The liver, especially, bears the brunt of the American Diet.  

We recommend doing a little "house cleaning" of your body, at least once a year.  We offer an outstanding detox program through Standard Process.  It is a gentle program that includes fruits, vegetables, supplements and easy to make shakes.  Not to mention, it is a great weight loss system too...and it is easier to KEEP off the weight!

You can find more information at this website:

See one of our doctors if you are interested in doing a detox for your body! 


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