Spring Cleansing & Detoxification

  Spring is an excellent time to detoxify our bodies and ensure that our organs are functioning at their highest level of efficiency. The following supplement regimen will aid in clearing the body of accumulated toxins and help to ensure a healthy, clean and well-tuned digestive system.

            1 Month Detox Program:                                  

                                        --Livaplex: 6 per day (2-2-2)*

                                        --AF Betafood: 15 per day (5-5-5)*

                                        --Zypan: 6 per day (2-2-2)*

                   *The numbers in parentheses represent the suggested daily intake of each supplement. For example: 1-1-1 indicates 1 supplement with your morning meal, one with your afternoon meal, and one more with your evening meal.                      

                    NOTE: If Zypan upsets the stomach, use Multizyme as a replacement.

While utilizing this supplement detox program, it is important to maintain a clean and healthy diet as much as possible.  All foods consumed should be as natural and organic as possible, consisting mostly of vegetables and fruit, while limiting grains and meats. Ask Dr. Bacon how best to tailor your diet to coincide with this program.  For those seeking a more comprehensive detoxification program and lifestyle guidelines, please take a look at the full Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program. This program provides detailed and comprehensive guidelines to detoxify your body and establish long-term lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your health in very lasting ways.

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