The Portable Neck Fulcrum


The PNF Exercise Protocol -- Part 1: Wobble Seat Exercises

(warm up with moderate tension)



The PNF Exercise Protocol -- Part 2: Neck Exercises

(strong tension)



Circle Exercises with the Portable Neck Fulcrum (using the extender foot straps)

PORTABLE NECK FULCRUM EXERCISES, without the extender foot straps

                                                                                                                                                                               How To Perform The Exercises In The Standing Position

Using The Head Strap Accessory With The PNF (standing)

                                      WOBBLE SEAT EXERCISES WITH THE PORTABLE NECK FULCRUM,without the extender foot straps

                                                                       Lat Pull Down Exercise Using The Portable Neck Fulcrum


                                                            CHEST EXPANSION EXERCISE WITH THE PORTABLE NECK FULCRUM