Warm Digest (Trikatu)

Warm Digest (also known as Kapha Digest or by its traditional name Trikatu) turns up your digestive fire with a combination of the following three herbs: black pepper, which boosts acid production (1), ginger, which protects the stomach lining and supports a healthy intestinal microbial environment (2), and long pepper, which also boosts acid production (3). This formula has the ability to reset your digestive furnace, allowing you to more easily digest those normally hard-to-digest foods. Take one or two caps before a heavy meal (like Thanksgiving!) and let these warming herbs work their magic on your

We usually stock Kapha Digest, the Banyan Botanicals formulation of Trikatu, in our office, and we can always order it for you as well. Just let us know on your next visit.

Here are some of the benefits of Trikatu:

Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Trikatu :

  • 1.It is strong stimulant and is used for both respiratory and digestive system. It treats congestion, cold and revives the organic functions that are weak.
  • 2.It rejuvenates the lungs and especially, for people with kapha constitutions.
  • 3.It has aphrodisiac properties that strengthens the functioning of the reproductive organs. It also energizes the reproductive organs and it also increases the sperm count in men.
  • 4.It is digestive and anti-mucus powder that improves respiratory and gastric function.
  • 5.It also helps in treating digestion when it is weak, high cholesterol, hypothyroid, obesity, edema and slow metabolism.
  • 6.It is a safe stimulant and expectorant.
  • 7.It also has carminative, anti-allergenic, anti-flatulant and natural antihistamine properties.
  • 8.It is effective in curing dyspepsia and helps in proper circulation, provides heat to warm digestion and prevents the formation of gastric mucosa.
  • 9.It also promotes the production of digestive juices and increases the appetite in a person. It stimulates secretion of hydrochloric acid. It also stops the gaseous distension.
  • 10.It also helps in the rapid absorption of the nutrients in to the digestive tract.
  • 11.It is the best drug for anti-obesity and helps to rid your body off the excessive fats and cholesterol.
  • 12.It also reduces inflammations and pain.
  • 13.It enhances the metabolic rate and the thermogenic effect.These properties helps in supporting the respiratory health.
  • 14.It also increases the bioavailability of the foods, nutrients and medicines and is an essential part in many of the multi-herbal preparations.
  • 15.It is also used to treat abdominal and gastric disorders and other disorders like pyrexia, insomnia and dysentery.

(the above information is excerpted from the website Ayurveda For You. Follow the link below to see the original page and much more detailed information on Trikatu)

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