Ayurvedic Digestive Cocktail

Ayurvedic Digestive Cocktail:

This "cocktail" provides a traditional and natural aid to the digestion of food, and can be used daily for general health.

In a shot glass (don’t tell anyone you own one), place:

-about 4 - 6 drops of lemon juice from a fresh lemon (to taste)

-one flat/level tsp of raw (uncooked and unfiltered) honey
-a big pinch of black pepper
-a dash of salt (ideally black salt) or mineral salt or Himalayan salt
-squeeze a good chunk of ginger juice (from fresh ginger root) with a garlic press

Take the digestive cocktail before each meal.

It is also good to take chips of fresh ginger root periodically between meals. Note that ginger is pungent and some ginger is more pungent when it is very fresh. You can temper it quickly by sloshing a good sip of water around in your mouth if the ginger seems to strong for you. Swallow the fiber too as it works very good as gut/colon scrubber.

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