Success Stories


For several months, my lower back was very stiff and painful a few hours after awakening.  It was always fine by afternoon.  Suddenly the morning pain became very serious and I could no longer endure it.  My life became consumed with fear of those hours when the pain was unbearable.  I would bring painkillers to bed with me and wake up at 4am to take them so they would kick in before my day actually started.

I was told I probably had a kidney stone, or was suffering from stress, or that I needed yoga.  My sister suggested that I call Dr. Bacon.

My appointment with Dr. Bacon consisted of an adjustment and directions for simple home exercises and ice.  The morning after, I woke up nearly pain free!

I haven't needed pain killers anymore - just very simple exercises, ice and regular adjustments.  What is most amazing is that with just one adjustment, the pain was 90% gone!  And I no longer fear waking up in the morning!

- Janice S. 

I came to Dr. Bacon 5 months ago with unbearable pain in my neck, back and left arm. Four treatments and the pain had subsided, five months later and I'm feeling like a new person.

I came regularly to Doc Bacon and can truly say that with each adjustment I become younger and more agile. I am grateful. Thank you.

-Eugene M

Thanks to Dr. Bacon, a 31 year old injury I received in a car accident is finally being addressed and healed.  I have used chiropractic since 1988 to help with the pain.  After regular chiropractic visits since 1988, I found myself no better.

Recently, I found my pain level increasing and in desperation sought for more help.  I found Dr. Bacon.  Although my injuries were severe and old, Dr. Bacon did not hesitate to explain how he could help me.  Dr. Bacon is not only giving me a brand new lease on life, but showing me how to take responsibility for my spinal health.  To date, I have more flexibility and less pain than over the last 31 years.  I feel younger and healthier than ever.  Dr. Bacon and the staff have taught me how to keep the alignment.  The staff here is wonderful, dedicated and Dr. Bacon is truly a gift to mankind.

- Sharon P.

Dr. Bacon and Staff,

I am a 47 year old female. I was previously employed as an RN Occupational Health Nurse, and was looking forward to heading to graduate school. For the last ten years I have been in bed 24/7. I had so much pain that I was sent to a pain clinic where they issued high doses of pain medication and numerous injections of steroids in order to make me comfortable. I missed many birthday functions and many other family events due to my many medical conditions.

I was up 1 to 2 times per week to go to doctors appointments. I saw a wide spectrum of medical doctors including internists, orthopedics, neurologists, and cardiologists. Most times I was unable to take myself to the appointments. At one time my son took away my keys because he did not think I would ever drive again. My family would not let me go dawn stairs because they were afraid I would fall. I have fallen at least 50 times at home.

My son was the first one to introduce me to Dr. Bacon and the Pettibon System and I was very interested in what I heard. After visiting the doctor I was evaluated, adjusted, and performed the daily routines. I can now drive 1-1/2 hours, jog on the trampoline, perform the fulcrum exercises and all other daily exercises. I have gained strength, muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance and falling down is out dated. I now have a positive outlook on life and hope for the future.

My friends and family say it is a miracle. I am finally able to get back to my life and it is wonderful! I cannot praise Dr. Bacon and his Staff enough. They are kind, courteous, compassionate, always helpful, and have a positive outlook for their patients. The office environment projects a healthy lifestyle and all ages are welcome.

-Kim D

I am 79 years of age, and was diagnosed at a Spine Center in Wellesley MA as having Spinal Senosis in the lower #3 and #5 vertebrae shown on an MRI and Xrays. The doctors could not offer me anything other than steroid shots, with a total of three treatments to alleviate pain for possibly two years. After that it would mean considering a wheelchair for mobility and over the counter pain alleviators.

My son begged me to come up to see Dr. Bacon and get his opinion. Well after looking over my medical records, doc convinced me that with his exercises and some bone crunching he could realign my spine.

It has been a year and a half since we started with a daily routine of exercises using the Spinal Blocks, Wobble Seat and Chi Machine.  Aside from an occasional twinge, I am just about pain free. I am agile enough to lift out of a chair without using my arms, am able to walk freely and even run up a flight of stairs without using the banister.

These accomplishments sound rather trite to those who haven't been there, but now I know what the right exercises can do for a person. I am afraid to miss a day as it takes so long to get back into the routine.

My advice to anyone seeking relief from pain is to listen closely to Doc's instructions and then follow them through.

-Len B

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have been adjusted by many chiropractors between here and California. I came to see Dr. Bacon because I had a bad fall off a roof and landed on my head. I obviously did not go the rout of seeing an MD or Physical Therapist for the problem, rather I was referred to Dr. Bacon by a prominent local Chiropractor here in Portsmouth.

My results have been outstanding!  In my countless hours of education, seminars and the like, I have not yet met a Chiropractor who has such an integral knowledge of spinal correction and rehabilitation. My spinal function is the best it's ever been, yet I know after only 6 months of care I will continue to get to optimal health.

In closing if you know someone who has a health problem and they want results, do them a favor and send them to Dr. Bacon. He cares; and if his recommendations are followed, results will as well.

-Dr. JDL

When I came to Dr. Bacon's office, I could barely walk. I had been in such excruciating pain that I was in bed for two days straight. Dr. Bacon gave me a few adjustments and recommended warm-ups and an exercise schedule to be done on a daily basis. This has enabled me to walk without pain in one week. Some days I repeat the warm-ups and exercises 2 or 3 times to ensure I will not have any pain.

-Dan Z.

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